About Us

RSA (Rupande Shah & Associates) has been founded 20 years ago by M/S Rupande Shah. A trained architect from Academy of Architecture, Mumbai. she went on to pursue a masters in Architecture from Pratt Institute, N.Y. Due to this varied yet interesting combination in her educational background she has always conspired to give her work a contemporary look with an Indian blend.
Moving to Kolkata in the early nineties led her to concentrate on Interior designing both out of choice and default. Starting work out of her bedroom to having her own design firm in 1995, her career grew as she found her niche designing for the who’s who of Kolkata where word of mouth is the strongest reference.
Instead of getting constrained by the limitations that existed in the city during the early nineties in terms of material available, exposure of client’s, accessories and furniture, she drew inspiration from the limited resources and challenged her own creativity.
With her clients being well travelled, Rupande’s sense of style became a good choice, as the common ground of style between them is the desire to have an international look and feel to the house.
Strongest and most renowned on the home front she attributes her acceptance of choice by being the right person for the right clients at the right place.
Works designed & executed by Rupande Shah & Associates have been featured in many prestigious magazines like Inside Outside, Home Trends, Home Review, Society interiors, India Art & Design. Our works have also been featured in “50 Best Residential” houses of India.